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Midwife in Fredericksburg, VA

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I am looking for a practicioner who is willing to work with me on a VBAC. I would prefer to do this at home or in a birthing center. The hospital here (ha.. I work in it) is not very accomidating.

If you have any suggestions, I am all ears. I am willing to travel to see this person. I have even considered staying with my grandmother in Florida for my last trimester so I can deliver where there are less obstacles.
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Hi Heather--

Sorry I can't help you with a midwife, but I grew up in f'burg and actually chose to return to MWH to have my last two children. (my dd was born at Fairfax--horrible experience). My ob in f'burg had to perform a c-section with ds1 and told me at the time that I would need a c-section with any subsequent babies because of something happening in the pelvic area while I pushed; when I returned to her with my third pregnancy and mentioned needing a c-section, she questioned why I couldn't do a VBAC and examined the old records thoroughly before determining that it just wasn't possible. My ob was Dr. Barbara Mercado; she was great--incredibly supportive and would no doubt have supported a VBAC if it had been a option. I also found that the nurses and the LCs were my best allies as far as making sure that my boys stayed with me and that the staff, including the peds, understood that they were not to supplement with anything. In the meantime, however, if I hear about a midwife who's open to homebirth, I'll let you know--maybe I'll ask at LLLI up here in Woodbridge--I think a couple of the moms had homebirths.

Where do you work in the hospital? My dad works there, too.

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I am glad to hear you had a positive experience. I question having the "medical pregnancy" because they over worry about things. I need to know that I am being cared for and that things are happening naturally. I am not completely anti-MWH. I am anti-obstetricians who scare you into making rash uninformed decisions.

I work in the lab doing insurance work. Joy joy joy.. I should get back to it now! Have a great Monday!
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i know it's a bit of a haul from fredericksburg, but there are a group of midwives in Alexandria that i interviewed and they do homebirths and have a birth center - and i know they said they travel pretty long distances to do homebirths, so you might want to check.

i didn't use these midwives, went with a group in bethesda because i had a friend who referred me there, but these ladies seemed really great!
I have decided to go with a group in Richmond. If my pregnancy is uneventful.. I may transfer to their midwifery team.

Birthcare told me that they are unable to do VBACs due to their back up physicians. They are a great group. Having the VBAC has put me in the rut.. but I am hoping to get out and have a great experience no matter what.
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Just thought you'd like to know that tomorrow's API meeting in No. VA is about VBAC. I wasn't able to attend the meetings last year, so I have no idea what the group's like, but I am planning on becoming at least semi-active this year and may drive up tomorrow.

I'm glad you connected with a group; I've heard from other moms that f'burg is not the easiest place to find a good "non-medical" delivery.

I'm sure that some of my positive experience with MWH came from my very negative experience with Fairfax--I was pretty determined not to put up with the c*** I had gone through before.

My dad works over in the offices across from Carl's--you know, the old George Washington hotel building. He's been with the hospital for, um, 25 years, I think. Wow. Hadn't realized it had been that long. Since before the old hospital (across from Jayem) went through it's first big renovation. I remember going to some ceremony and eating a very hard cake that had been decorated to look like the building.

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I was gonna suggest Richmond - there are some GREAT midwives here. But looks like you found them!
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