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Midwife in Hilo?

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Aloha Mamas, Has anyone here had any experience with midwives in (or near) Hilo? How was your experience?
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Hey Michelle!


We have 3 practicing midwives in Hilo. Roxanne, Martha (Gaishda) and Jackie (the naturpath). They all have different styles of practice, but are all good.
I've been to births with all 3, so I can answer any questions, or help steer you based on what you want out of a midwife.

I don't know if I should post particulars here..... you can PM me or email me if you have any questions.

Once again,
CONGRATS! it's waaaay easier the 2nd time around!

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Thanks Karen!! I'll PM you...

And Happy Birthday to Luka!
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Are any of these women homebirth midwives with a tendency towards VERY low intervention?

We are seriously considering a move to Papaaloa, near Hilo, next spring....but good birthing choices are an important consideration for us.
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