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Midwife/Lay Midwife near Baltimore for home birth???

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Hi everyone!
I posted this in a few places but haven't gotten any bites yet.
I'm hoping to get some leads on a midwife in Maryland/Baltimore area who will attend a VBAC home birth.
I had the names of two people; of which I recovered one but am looking for another. I think they were both named Karen?
I'm VERY newly pregnant but want to get the ball rolling asap so I can talk with someone and decide on the course of my journey.

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Evelyn Muhlhan is doing homebirths. SHe is from the now defunct. Bal. Birth Center and she's wonderful! Her new practice--Alternative Birth Choices is in Randallstown. Good luck.
Caroline, do you have contact information for her? You can send me a private message so it's not here for the world to see. Thanks!
And by the way, she's awesome. She was my midwife last August when the birth center was still open.
sorry, i haven't checked this recently. my due date is tomorrow!!
evelyn muhlhan's number is 410-521-2560.
she gave me permission to post. she's looking forward to expanding client base post-birth center. she has a beautiful new office in randallstown.
and yes she is AWESOME!
Does she do home births? I hope that's not a stupid question lol ;o)
Take care,
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