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Midwife near Atlanta that would do a home or birthing center VBAC?

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We're in TX right now and will delay the move if we can't have the same birth there than we could here.

So, anyone know of a CNM that will handle a VBAC as a homebirth or birthing center?
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new addition huh? how sweet!
i hope ur lookin forward to all the wonderful poopy diapers! :LOL
anyway its shame all u pregnant women r so far away ... here i am a midwife in philly and i looking for home birth preference - moms. well i home u find a midwife out there and if i think of anyone ...i will let u know.

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You may want to delay your move. CNM's here do not attend homebirths. The only birth center in GA is in Savannah and I don't know of any homebirth midwives that do primary vbac's. I am assuming this is your first vbac? I certainly don't mean to sound so negative, but want to make sure you have accurate information. Most of the area hospitlas have "birthing centers," but they are not even similar to an actual birth center. Other than being well decorated, they are no different than a hospital room. Let me know if there are any other questions I can answer for you - I would be happy to do it. Do you which area you will be moving to? Seems as if everything here is considered metro Atlanta! Good luck!
Hello there! I live south of Atlanta and I know several homebirth midwives. The PP is correct, there are no CNM homebirth caregivers. But most of the CNM's here seem to be more MED-wife than midwife, KWIM?

I have a friend who is planning a VBAC waterbirth at North Fulton Regional in Roswell with what sounds like an EXCELLENT CNM practice (the primary midwife has been in practice many years, and from what my friend is telling me she truly has a midwife heart, not med-wife).

Anyways, I would be happy to help you find more info, on either a lay-midwife for homebirth, or more about the CNM's my friend is seeing for her hospital waterbirth.

drewnkat @ bellsouth .net (remove spaces)
You would have tobirth under the radar so to speak with an illegal midwife if you birthed at home, and many of Atlanta OBs are no longer doing VBACs...
but the last post seemed to have a great reference...May I suggest that you hook up with the ICAN group or the HBAC group?
OK I spoke with my midwife just today about another mom who is looking for VBAC support in GA, and she was willing and ready to help out. So, apparently she does do VBACs. She is a CPM, NOT a CNM, but she is working towards getting her RN degree soon, if that makes any difference.

Hope this helps!
Hi, Kathryn!
I would love to have soemone to refer to that is doing homebirth vabc's. I know things are crazy here in the birth commnuity so if you want to pm or email me, I would love to chat with you and get the info.
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