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Midwife Recommendations? Henry Medical Center or Griffin-Spalding

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Hello all,

We just moved to this end of town, where we now have a horse farm & home school our kids. We just found out we are expecting baby #4 and I'm a nervous wreck about delivering in this area.

I am a huge advocate of natural childbirth & breastfeeding. I need to find a midwife that will listen to me (high risk pregnancies, but I *know* what my body is doing & when), is backed by a good OB or perinatologist for my preterm labor issues, but will leave me alone until it's time to catch the baby at the hospital for delivery.

Any recommendations? The two hospitals close enough to me are Henry Medical Center & Griffin-Spalding Regional Hospital. We are located in Barnesville.

Thanks in advance!
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PMing you.
I don't think there are any midwives in Griffin for hospital births but if you find some I'd like to know! I delivered at Southern Regional with my first child and won't be doing that again!

Good luck!

I'm in the Barnesville area also.
Dr Schilling is my ob, but I have never delivered with him. Very nice, into choices, including liposuction and contraceptive ads in the mail! Other than that, I would have no problem with using him if I *had to*. I think our hospital choices are the limiting factors. Have you spoken to any midwives around?
I also used Dr. Schilling, but never had him attend a birth. I like him as far as I can tell.
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Hey, did you find a good care provider? I'm in the same situation. I could go to HMC or SRMC, but I really want someone comfortable with natural birth. I heard there's a midwife at HMC on staff, but I don't know anything about her. A few people recommended Eagle's Landing OB/GYN.
Dr. Schilling will give you the standard hospital epidural birth if that's what you want, but he'll also be as hands off and supportive of NCB as you want as well. He let my friend's Hubby catch their baby.

I don't know much about HMC's policies or their lactation department, but you could always check out AMA after the birth when you're ready to leave.
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For the ones that have used Dr. Schilling but not for a delivery would you mind telling me who you used? I'm assuming you had homebirths, right? I talked to a midwife during my last pregnancy and I think he is who she used as a back up but I don't remember for sure.
If you can make it to Newnan, I highly reccoment Eileen Thrower if you haven't found anyone.

She's with Newnan/Piedmont OB/GYN.
Anyone looking for a MW might want to check out the GA Friends of Midwives face book page. They have educational events that might be helpful. Given the political climate, they need all the help they can get.
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