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midwife suggestions Portland?

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Hi all in Portland-

I am looking for a homebirth midwife (CPM) for my prenatal care and delivery in the Spring in Portland. Maybe waterbirth at home. Anyone have any recommendations or know anyone who might? We have visited NW Community Midwives (they're great) but want to meet a few more before we decide. We have plenty of time and want to find someone we connect with.

Thanks in advance.

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I go to Andaluz Water Birth Center in Tualatin. I live in Hillsboro. I have had two babies there and will be having my third at the end of December. They also do homebirths. All the women there are amazing!
I hope that helps!
Pamela Hines-Powell is in Salem. I don't know if she practices that far up. If nothing else check out her site, its great
I'm due next week and just transfered care to Andaluz a few weeks ago. I've been very impressed with the midwives so far and feel my care is so much better than it was with my OB, simply because they have more time for me. This is my first baby, and I'm now really excited about having a natural birth in such a beautiful setting. I'd be happy to share my experience with you as soon as this baby comes! (I'm a little impatient!)
Thanks, Megan, for the plug! I do births in Portland occassionally - have a client due up there at the end of January.

I really, really, REALLY like Kate & Ellie at A Woman's Way Midwifery. They rock in so many ways. They are young, but experienced, hip and totally, totally non-interventive. Here's their website:

Meet as many midwives as you can. There are so many up your way, with different styles, different things to offer, etc.
Thank you all so much for your recommendations. I feel like I have a good base to start with and will start calling them tomorrow.

I am so excited to be finally here. I have wanted to have a baby, including being pregnant and experiencing labor, for a few years.

Thanks again,

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just wanted to add a personal recommendation of Kate and Ellie (and apprentice Tracy)..I had my ds with them 11 weeks ago and LOVE them. They were so great and flexible. I had a wonderful birth. Ellie use to be a doula and has great labor support skills. Kate is the quiet support that a laboring woman needs to know everything is normal. I have knoen Tracy for years and cannot say enough good stuff about her (we took our doula training together). I had an 8 hour labor that ended with a sunny-side-up birth that was only 6 min. of pushing, the amount of love and support was amazing.

My husband had to work a couple of hours 2 days after the birth, and Ellie came and stayed with me the whole time so I wouldnt be alone.

Also, when I was having bf problems, one of them came everyday with support and the scale. This was for two weeks!!!

I could go on and on. Email me if you want more info.
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