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You'll need further testing to see whether it is a problem.

First thing that they will do is another fetal heart with a doppler to see whether the arrthythmia can be heard - it may have been transient or had something to do with the doppler the midwife was using.

You may need to seriously consider an ultrasound to see if there is a physical reason if it's there or it may be an electrical issue. Just be aware that an ultrasound doesn't pick up all problems. It misses a lot as some issues don't become apparent until after the baby is born.

You may end up with serial CTG's (pretty sure no one is going to do one at this gestation - probably will happen a lot closer to 24/25 weeks) if there is a problem.

If there is a problem you may want to deliver in a tertiary hospital with a NICU for back up. And if there is a problem, depending on what it is, that may change on how you birth your baby.

But really no one can say what will happen until they actually know what the diagnosis is. So testing may be appropriate that you can be prepared if there is, in fact, a problem.
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