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Midwife's office closing...

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Last night I had to put in an emergency phone call to my midwives...I lost my eyesight, except for a pin point in the middle and freaked out. Turns out I had my first "aura" before one of my infamous pregnancy, right?

However, they also picked that time to tell me that they are closing down their practice before I am due to deliver and that I have to find someone else.

Here is the problem. They are the ONLY midwifery office on this bloody island. If I pick a doctor locally I will be forced to go the hospital route, which is the last thing I want to do. There is a birthing center in Brooklyn, but that's a pain in the neck drive and god forbid I go into labor during rush hour...I don't want to have my baby in my car!! The only homebirth midwives that I know of are in Manhattan...another trek.

I'm trying not to freak out about it too least until my head stops hurting and I can think clearly. I'm angry at the clinic...this had to have been a decision in the making for some time, why would they bother to take new clients knowing they were even thinking about closing???

Just ugh. It's not something I needed now. On top of the whole aura deal. Double ugh.
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I've had a few optical migraines while nursing, they're the pitts. But losing your midwife is worse I think. I hope you can find another option other than the hospital!!

- Krista
My HB MW traveled to me from another county, 1 hour away. Would one of the Manhattan midwives be willing to drive to... I'm guessing, Long Island?
I'm a goodly drive away from the hospital where I'll be delivering, and while I won't have nearly the traffic issues you will, I've got a definite aversion to travelling while in labor.

The solution DH and I have worked out (and our doula thinks it's great) is that at the very first sign of labor, we're going to go ahead and make the drive. We'll then check into a hotel near the hospital, to wait until things pick up. Since my last labor was very long (2 1/2 days of prodromal-to-early-to-active), we know we might be there for quite a while. I figure I'll take full advantage of room service, the in-room whirlpool, local walking trails, massage services, whatever they have. A laboring mama needs pampering, you know!

DH already knows about my plans, and figures the bill will be well worth avoiding that drive with contractions coming on top of each other. He's all about avoiding a car birth, too! LOL

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