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I had experience with a few midwives for my pregnancy with Nathan, all good. I started off with the CNM's at Geneva Woods, then switched to Laura Gore, CDM at Moonlight Midwifery at 28 weeks. She'd already had vacation plans around my due date and Susie (above) took over my care for a couple weeks. I ended up having a great home birth at 41.5 weeks with Laura (and her birth assistant Cindy).

Laura's practice is pretty intertwined with Geneva Woods which was great. Once I hit 41 weeks I saw Karen at GW for a non-stress test and Amniotic Index and if I had needed a hospital transfer, Barb, Karen and Trina would have been my birth attendants and Laura's role would be like a doula. The ladies at GW were very supportive of the switch.

Susie is really warm and although we had just 2 appointments I felt great about her.

You can PM me if you have more specific questions.
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