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Midwives near Fort Collins who will takn on an apprentice

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Hey ladies! I will be moving to Fort Collins in June/July 2007. My DP is moving in December to start the spring semester at CSU and begin residency.
I will be doing midwifery school here in PA until June 2007. I want to find a midwife out there who will take on an apprentice.
Also, I'd love nay info about the area. I am coming from the dead center of PA, a college town somewhat like Fort Collins...but I have never even been to CO!!!
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Hi there,

I just recently gave birth to my daughter Kendra at home (in Fort Collins) with the assistance of Janelle Boyington and Beth Karberg. I don't know if they are taking on any interns/apprentices, but I could certainly ask them for you. We should definitely keep in touch and get together once you move out to Fort Collins. I would love to get to know another mama! E-mail me ([email protected]) so that I have your e-mail address and then I will let you know what Beth and Janelle say regarding internship/apprenticeship. Best of luck to you!
Ok honey! Thanks so much for responding. That'd be awesome if you could ask them or if they know of anybody. I wouldn't even be moving out untill July/June 2007. I'll be visiting often though when DP moves out there in December.
CONGRATS! I love the name Cassidy! How is mamahood treating you?
We should totally keep in touch! my e-mail is [email protected]
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Liz, nice to see you are coming out to CO! Our babes need to play! We live in Lakewood, which is 10 minutes from Denver, so about an hour from where you will be. There is sooo much music around here - You're going to love it! Plus the scenery isn't too shabby!!!

Meredith, we need to hang again soon. Kendra is already getting so big!
I just wanted to let you know that the midwife I used in Ft. Collins takes on apprentices. Her name is Lynda Sizemore and her e-mail address is [email protected]

Best of luck.
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