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Midwives--what's your Vit. K stance

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My last HB I didn't do Vitamin K shot or eye propholaxis and nothing much happened.

My new midwife gave me an article (stuck in a folder with other information) about Vitamin K and the author's stance was that breastmilk has too little Vitamin K and that a shot was the best protection for the rare hemmhoragic disease of newborns.

I assume that this is her stance too or she wouldn't have put the article in the information folder.

What do you all think? what's been your experiences? I'm not overly sentimental and if you think the baby's better off getting the shot, I'd get the shot and not feel too bad about it. But if it's just superstition or unfounded advice, then I would just do like I did the last time and have zero interventions and not worry about it.
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I give clients the state's handout on Vit K, as well as a write up I did about it. I think it's important for people to know the true risk of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn (or Vitamin K deficiency bleeding), but it's very, very rare.

I don't usually give my personal opinion to clients. When they ask, "What would you do?" I tell them that it's irrelevant because it's not my baby and it's easier for me to be in a different place when giving my advice.

For me, there's some reason why babies are born without it. However, I don't think nature ever expected babies to have alot of trauma at birth - forceps, vacuum extractors, etc. For a baby that has a lot of bruising, I tell clients that a mainstream provider would highly recommend it. Still, I don't suggest they do anything.

I'm comfortable both ways.

Here's my write up on Vit K:
I really liked that writeup you did, pam. That makes for a more unbiased case than the article i read. Thank you for the link.

I already am taking nettles in my raspberry leaf tea, so it's good to know I am already doing something to up my own supply of Vitamin K. I have alfalfa tablets I can also take.

I think I will probably decline the shot unless I feel there was significant trauma to the baby during the birth.
I'm not midwife but can say that sadly my friend lost her 7 week old to Vitamin K deficiency. He had internal bleeding. I guess his death was about 1 in a million being that he was past the first week when more deaths occur. My friend rewrote the consent form so that parents could make more informed decisions and had it approved by the local doctors and midwives.
I am not a midwife either, but I'm working on that.
I did not 'do' the vit k shot with my dd. I feel like we don't really know the risks of injecting a large dose of a vitamin into a newborn directly after birth. I really don't feel that the risk of complications outweight the risks ot the shot- or the oral dose for that matter.

If we had a traumatic birth with dd I would have considered it, but we didn't. My midiwfe sat across from me in my glider and asked if we wanted to administer the vit K shot or eye ointment and I said no, and she smiled and wrote it down as if she thought I was making a good decision. I guess her stance is similar to mine.

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