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midwives who studied in michigan...can u help me??

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I need help figuring out a school/pathway to midwifery for my cousin...she was a nursing student and completed 2 years of the nursing program and just a few weeks ago quit b/c of all the things she had to do that she couldnt handle (having to do with dealing with men)...she called me up and we talked a bit and believe or not she has never heard of midwifery but after i explained it to her a bit she seemed interested and wants more info about schooling...

her dh works in michigan so he would be able to take her in the morning...are there any schools in dearborn/detroit/annarbor/closeby she could attend or distance programs she could take that would accept her nursing courses and give her some type of 'advanced standing' so she wont have to redo those courses...(ie. anatomy, physiology, organic chem, pharmacology etc)....

she really doesnt want too much of what she's worked for to be lost...

also approximately how long with these 2 years of nursing would it take for her to complete the midwifery program cuz her and her dh would like to have kids...

i'd really like to help her out so any links/info u can give woudl be greatly appreciated.
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This is in Detroit. Lots of Canadians attend. Their good at assisting our friends from the North.

I assume you're talking about a CNM program, right? The above post for UofM is a great program, too. She's have to contact the school for transfer/requirement info.

Best wishes!
If you're looking for a non-CNM program, there's a place in Ann Arbor that used to be Holistic Midwifery that had classes and stuff... although I think they changed their name. That's probably not much help, sorry.
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If you're looking for a non-CNM program, there's a place in Ann Arbor that used to be Holistic Midwifery that had classes and stuff... although I think they changed their name. That's probably not much help, sorry

The name is the Center for the Childbearing Year and the person to speak with is Patty Brennan
Hey --

Patty is not teaching midwifery any more. She is still teaching many birth-related classes, but not midwifery. There are many other distance-learning opportunities here in Michigan and the U.S. in general, but to advise on those I have to have a better sense of what she is trying to accomplish.

Is your sister looking to work in Canada when she is done? Two of my friends just got accepted as new registrants in Ontario after working on and off for a while as direct-entry midwives, and achieving the CPM certification. They submitted their CPMs as part of their portfolio for the Ontario registration process and were accepted. If your sister would want to go that route, she would want to find a midwife to apprentice with, plus probably doing some distance-learning or self-study. We have a midwives study group in Ypsilanti which exists mostly online at this point at ypsimidwiferystudygroup (its a yahoo group)

If she wants to finish her nursing degree and go to nurse-midwifery school, UofM might be the fastest way there, but it is a longer commute than Wayne and may be more expensive. I get the sense that UofM has access to more scholarship money, so it might all balance out in the end. UofM is doing some interesting work in culturally competent medicine (I don't know that Wayne isn't, I am just more familiar with UofM). There is a advisory board there which works to provide more sensitive care to Muslim patients and a Middle Eastern Women's Health Clinic that operates out of two sites, among other projects. I have also found that they are very flexible with nursing students and working around schedules and other limiting factors.

As for the nurse-midwifery portion -- UofM is distance-based now and could place her in clinical placements in Detroit or in some midwifery clinics in Ontario; the Frontier School of Nurse-Midwifery is also distance based (it is in Kentucky, though, and she would have to travel there once or twice a year for seminars) and could put her in placements in Detroit. I am sure that there are others that I am not thinking about.

I believe that CNMs also qualify for registration in Ontario but that they have to document out-of-hospital experience if they don't have any. I know that Ontario is desperate to put midwives in Windsor and has had a very hard time recruiting them there.

Sorry if that is overwhelming. I guess the most important question is where she wants to work. Then the rest of it might fall into place.

Good luck!
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