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I am looking for some tactful words to use to explain to my MIL about attatchment parenting and all that goes along with it. Since day one she has been making comments about "when is Dajel going to sleep in her own bed?"
and "she needs her own space!" ( she is 5 months old on the 19th btw) I usualy just say, I like sleeping with her and I love waking up next to her and Im pretty sure she feels the same. We moved her crib into our room last week, and mil came over and I heard her saying to dd, "oh good now you can move all around and not be so crowded and mom and dad can get some sleep too" (as if it would be easier for me to get up everytime she fusses at night and walk around with her and nurse her, then put her back in her crib??) anyway I told her we use the crib as a changing table and thats why its set up, and she gave me this accusing look and just said "oohh". Well now shes starting in on solids, we went out to eat the other day and I caught her giving dd a SPOONFUL of WHIPPED CREAM!!
I wanted to scream at her but just said, "Beth, please dont do that" she assumed it was because of the dairy... hmmm not to mention preservatives, refined sugars etc... grose! Ten she said, "you do give her water everyday dont you?" She has asked this b4 and its like she thinks just because I am young, I have all these "new age parenting ideas" or something and I am sooooo fed up with it and now worried about what she might do when Im not looking... My biggest fear is that she will give dd meat someday, I just dont know how to go about explaining to her just how important it is for her to trust me and just respect my beliefs and parenting. Sorry this is so long and thank you for reading it if your still with me, any input would be greatly appreciated!
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