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MIL washed cpf's with Dreft

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Are they ruined? She threw them in the dryer too, thinking she was being helpful. Do I need to strip them? If so, could someone tell me how or provide a link? Thanks
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I don't have any presonal experience with this but I don't think they would be ruined from just one time.
There isn't anything bad for your diapers about Dreft. It does not contain fabric softener, as rumored. I have hear that it does not get stuff as clean as some detergents, though. So you may need to wash them again if they stink still.
Dreft is my detergent of choice for diapers! They certainly aren't ruined!
I do an occaisional wash in dreft because it makes my UBCPFs and my hemp fitteds soooo soft! I always dry my dipes in the dryer too. No problems, mama... just enjoy the extra softness
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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