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ah, it is hard to learn when your baby is different or may have special needs. especially when you thought she was a-ok all this time, right?

I found out that my sweet girl was DEAF (85-95 dcbls loss) when she was 16 months of age. Wow, right!!

Its funny to read your post... because (i hate to say) part of me is thinking, "damn mama, you are lucky to only have a 30dcbl loss!!!" And then there is another part of me who remembers what it was like to find out and how devestating it was. I mean, before, I had sort of subconsiously planned out my kids' life (maybe she will go to this preschool, maybe this school, she will grow up being close friends with all my friends' kids) And I had to redo ALL of those expectations. I cried for 2 weeks straight. My heart goes out to you!

Damn it, it has been really really hard for us. But there is alot of good stuff too. It has been 6 months since she was diagnosed. I've been cramming sign language since the moment that I found out... and I am getting pretty good now
My dd is starting to burst with signs. I try to go and hang out with some deaf person almost every day. I try to learn as many new signs as I can every day. I don't spend as much time with my old friends
But, this is my duty as a mama and, I feel lucky that the deaf community is pretty great. Also, in many ways, even with dd's limited sign exposure, she is catching up with her peers.

So, from your questions: Your baby will TALK!!! her hearing loss is very small. (a big big, scary change for you!!!) but in the grand scheme of things, her aids will probably bring her right back down into "normal kid" range. So, go get those aids!!! (my dd's aids are pink! so cute!) Also, the speech range is from 30-50 dcbls - so, she can already hear alot in that range! She is probably missing the whisper sounds like "th" and "fff".

Definitely join a early intervention program. I don't know what your programs are like where you live but here in seattle, our parent-infant program is fantastic. Our program has deaf kids and deaf parents - and hh kids and disabled kids... the whole spectrum... It is so nice to get perspective and support! We have 3 programs we could go to in seattle. One is SEE, one is ASL and one is oral only. I chose the ASL one... you might have to go visit the programs in your area to find out which is best for you... It really is a family choice (to give my opinion though, ASL is totally totally the way to go.) b/c then you have the deaf community as support and you give your kid access to a visual language. She still gets speech/language therapy... - you don't have to go to an oral only program to get that.

So, It has been another cultural change for me. Before deafness, my friends were all AP. Now, I just have to accept all the parenting styles as they are. I never hung out with severely disabled kids before. Now I do appreciate who they are, for who they are.

So many little gifts. But, it is a hard road.
my dd doesn't even notice. She is happy and learning just like any other kid.
welcome to the club

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