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milk allergy in BFed 3 month old?

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how can I know if my DS has a milk allergy? He has pretty bad eczema, chronic congestion (he's also had 3 colds and now an ear infection), and mucousy poops which since recently have been having some bright red blood in them. The ped isn't at all concerned, but I'm worried and hate to see my little boy suffer like that! I have been off dairy very strictly (reading all ingredients and avoiding all of it) since Sunday, but it only seems to be getting worse, not better. He's been on Amoxicylin since Sunday evening though, so maybe that's why it's worse now, more blood, worse eczema and congestion? If this really is a milk allergy, I am more than willing to not eat any dairy for as long as I'm nursing him, but if that's not what it is, then I'm unnecessarily denying myself nutrition. I have IBS and have trouble keeping on weight. I have already lost more than a pound in the last few days and have been constantly HUNGRY, no matter how much of the other things I eat! I feel like I'm not getting enough protein and fat. I normally drink non-fat organic milk but eat quite a bit of (imported) cheese every day. Help, I want to help my baby get better without making myself sick! Could any of the other things I eat be the culprit? Nuts, fish, wheat, oats...?

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I don't have any real advice to could be the cheese, wheat or any number of other things. Maybe this will help

Also it's pretty normal to contantly be hungry while bf'ing.
mama! Relax, as long as he's gaining weight and has wet/poopy diapers then you're doing fine
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The chronic congestion, mucous and eczema were all the symptoms my dd had too. Unfortunately it took most of her first year to figure out it was a food allergy. Since neither side has a history of food allergies, it took us a while to realize it for what it was. It was dairy issues, but any food issue can give you these symptoms.
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