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Milk dried up??? How do you know?

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How does someone tell if their milk has 'dried up'???
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I could tell when my milk dried up when I couldn't see it around his mouth anymore when he popped off. I could also express milk out of my nipple with my hand before it dried up too. Plus it hurt pretty bad when he was nursing dry. I was pregnant though, just didn't know your milk dried up when your pregnant until it happened and I questioned it on this site. Lots of good info. Are you pregnant, or is your D not nursing so much at all anymore? Is there any reason you would dry up?
Now I see why I may have been in so much pain!
I thought as long as I was nursing, I was producing! I could no longer express, I didn't see milkies any more, and I was always really sore, I eventually weaned DS a little over 3 years old, 6 weeks before his sister was born. Now I am not in such pain and I have enough milk to BF a litter!

I should've been more observant! I would've known my milk dried up a while ago!
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I knew when my dd said "hey. dat baby took all da nurnie. nurnie tink. i hate nurnie." sure enough. dry as a bone. She was more than a little disgruntled. fortunately she had no desire to go on in the absence of milk. she kept checking every day for about a month and gave up.
Oh. no!!!! Really??! I am so upset. I came here to post about this problem. I actually have some pretty bad cracks around the one nipple because my DS sucks so hard.

Why did this happen? My son still needs it so much, and he cries when we have to stop because the cracks come open and hurt me so much.

He will be three in two weeks. Nursing is painful and I admit that I mostly don't want to do it anymore because of that, but my son is just not ready to wean.

What can I do? I have asked my friend who is a LLL leader, and she said that at this age there is not much I can do to increase supply.

My nipple is not going to heal if there is no milk to make the suckling easier. And the "good" side is starting to get bad, too. I have asked my son if there is milk, and sometimes he says yes, and sometimes no, so I don't really know. I can sometimes get a little if I express. And by a little, I mean I can see drops form on my nipple, and not streams like I used to get.

I am so sad. I don't know what to do. My son still needs it.

For the nipples, I have tried a few things: no bra, adding calendula cream, tried not nursing on that side at all for 3 days. When it seemed fine, he nursed again and the cracks came back.

Daniel has always nursed a lot, and lately has cut down significantly.

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My milk dried up at 15 weeks pregnant with #2. My son didn't stop sucking did hurt for a while but now it's not bad. He still "dry" nurses for sleep.

A Lac. Constultant at Troy Beaumont told me if I continue to pump every couple hours I could get my milk to return....but I'm not too sure about that. It was something I didn't want to try, and I really wasn't sure she knew what she was talking about. From what I know it has to do with changing hormones...not pumping???
I was wondering about the same thing. I think maybe one side is dried up and the other not yet. I am not sure though.
I finished up exclusively pumping about 6 weeks ago or so and the last two times I pumped, I got about an ounce of milk and it tasted salty, not sweet. For a few weeks, I could express a few drops, but now, nothing.
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