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Milk farms?

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Does anyone know where I can get organic cow milk fresh from the farm in or near the St Cloud area? Or who I would call/where to look on the internet to find a farm?

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This website lists farmers by state:

Hi, we live in St. Cloud and buy our raw milk at a farm between St. Cloud and Kimpbell (I can't remember right now the name of the closet town). PM me if you want more information.
I'm sorry that I didn't see that you two replied! I'm not getting notifications for my subscribed threads for some reason!

cheenya, I PM'd you back!
Mine has been wacky with subscriptions lately too...not being sent, coming 3 days later, etc. Ah well.
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Yes, there are lots of places around here to get raw milk.
Katrina should hook you up!!
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I don't know about lots. I know of one. I'd love to hear of more.
I've never talked to Alvin ( but from what I've heard from others there are not currently deliveries in the St. Cloud area, although it may be possible if someone was willing to host a site. Also, I don't think that farm is close to St. Cloud, although I don't know where the op actually lives.
I do know there are several places in and near the TC where you can pick up raw milk.
A good place for more information is the Traditional Foods Minnesota yahoo group, but even there I've not heard of more than this one farm.
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