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Milk question - NT

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I am wondering if someone could tell me if you think the milk I get is alright. We don't use alot of it, actually I only have one DS who drinks milk and DH and I don't, but we also use the milk for other things once in a while. Anyway, I get my milk from a local farm who lets the cows pasture but also lets them have grain available whe they come home at night. So they eat both. At least most of them probably do. They don't use any antibiotics or hormones. Unfortunately it isn't raw. But is the grass they eat at least giving us any benefit over the unpastured cows? I'm still working on finding a better local source, but for now do you think it's even worth it?

What I really want to find is good cheese and butter since no one in the house drinks milk (except that one DS), but they will eat cheese and butter. I can get beef but DH and two of the kids will eat it but I am still grossed out by it. Recovering veggie- once vegan here. I actually have a bunch of grass fed flank steak in the freezer downstairs. I'm a little creeped out by it as it smelled gross and it turns out it's from south america (I didn't realize that until after I got it home and took the butcher paper off it and noticed it air sealed in these plastics that said some south american country on it - I can't remember what country) I bought it at wild oats. Next time I'm getting it from a local source but so far everything is so expensive. I'm still searching for a better deal.
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anyone have an opinion on this dairy?
so, to clarify, the cows are grass-fed, but also get a minimal amount of grain in the evenings. The milk is pasteurized, but no antibiotics or hormones? Is it homogenized?

How much do you use? How much do you pay? How far do you have to go to get it?

Depending on the answer to those questions, I'd probably keep looking. Depends how much you like/use it. JMO.
You do what you have to do. I can not get raw and I don't know if my family would go for it even if I could get it. I buy non homogonized dairy from a local farmer. He has butter, cream, milk and yoghurt. It's great stuff. His cows are grass grazing, however we live in Alberta and the grass is not green all year long so they must be fed grains. The milk is organic. I'm good with it. I think it's the best I'm going to get and that's good enough for me. My family likes milk so cutting it out isn't an option, so this is the next best thing.

I buy raw cheese at my local HFS. It's pretty easy to find raw cheese, just read your labels.
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