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hi, ever since we cut out soy things have been better. iitially we were only told to cut out dairy and blood in stool remained as well as projectile spits. he reacts to soybean oil and lechitin too. any way, initially the dr's had me off eggs, shellfish and peanuta as well as milk and i have not added them back in just yet. son's poops are runny, although yellow but seem to be improving. he still randomy gets red marks on his face, bumops, especially on his upper/lower eyelids. i can't figure that part out at all and dr's have no answer. one said it may be environmental...

anyway, i had namaste brownies which required 2 eggs and have been snacking on them. could an allergy to egg cause the red face bumps? i am trying to work eggs back in but didn't know how long to wait. the alllergist told me i could eat the above immediately but i was not comfortable doing that.

he is 5 months, should his poops be a bit runny, is that baseline? he is nursing only. i have no idea what his poop should be like at 5 months since its been sooo long since it was normal, at about 3 months his allergies started.

any comments/ advice?

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Yes, eggs can definitely cause that- in fact, they are one of the most common reasons for eczema in babes.

The best thing to do is start a food journal. Write down everything you eat, and every symptom that your LO has- from digestion, skin, sleep & behavior issues, etc. That way you can look for patterns to see if he is reacting to certain foods in your diet.

Yes, BM poops should be runny. But if you see any bright green, mucous, or blood, or a strong vinegar/acidic smell, that's a sign of a reaction.
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