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Milk Storage bags?

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Does anyone know where I would purchase bags to store breast milk in?

Are there better brands to buy?

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I like the Lansinoh brand ziplock closure bags. They stack well in the freezer. I hated the Medela fold over twist tie ones...

You can get them at Target or Babies R Us. Also online.

I second the Lansinoh bags. They double seal and say "My Mommy's Milk" in purple letters. What more could you ask for?
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Great, I'll check out that brand.
I like the Gerber zippy bags. I also use the Lanisoh bags. Both are pretty easily found at the major stores.

Lansinoh has handy little bags. I buy them at the grocery store, over by the bottles and formula.

So satisfying to see my rows of little frozen milk bags.
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