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I would love to express how thankful I am for homeopathy here......
I have been having troubles with breastfeeding since my DS was born (almost 4 weeks now) - my nipples were damaged and bleeding and then I got yeast infection and at one point I gave up and bought breast pump and decided to give my nipples break for a few days and pumped for only 2 days and my milk supply has dropped so much that when I came back to breastfeeding I did not have enough milk to feed my DS. I fed him every hour to get it back but it would not come back. He wanted to eat all the time, but there just was not enough! So I called my homeopathy doctor and she has recommended homeopathy remedy Ricinus Communis 6C (caster oil) so I bought it on the internet ( since they do not carry this one in local health store and it came in 3 days......I took first dose and litteraly within minutes I could feel my breast filling up with milk!!! I was amazed!!! It was unbelievable!! And few hours later my breast were HUGE again and full of milk and still are!
I strongly recomend this remedy for those of you having troubles with milk supply. I know homeopathy is very individual, but this is very common remedy for improving milk suppy my homeopath doctor told me.
And for those fighting trush as well - I am using another homeopathy remedy called Yeast King Bio
for myself and my baby and his mouth is MUCH better after 2 days of using it. And so am I!
I am so grateful for homeopathy!!!!!
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