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Milk to Donate - Boston / South Shore area

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DD2 is one year old today. Either she's reverse cycling or her solid intake has increased to the point that I have been able to cut back on my pumping at work. It's possible that might change but I have about 80 ounces of frozen milk for a one time donation. I should probably hang onto some of it "just in case" but I am looking for a suitable recipient in the area since I would like to avoid the aggravation of shipping and because if the recipient were close enough I would be willing to continue pumping for awhile. However, I don't think that would yield much more than 10 ounces a week (her EBM intake has nudged slightly upwards in the past couple of days) and shipping would be prohibitively expensive.

I did register with MilkShare on the 14th but I haven't heard back from them. I haven't posted to their Yahoo Group yet. I don't know if I need to hear from the official MilkShare site first. In any case I haven't seen any postings from anyone in my area seeking milk.

I would love to find a potential recipient here but I would prefer that eventually the recipient go through MilkShare for mutual peace of mind since they have some recommended forms and procedures I think would be helpful and reassuring.

I would be glad to fill out any questionnaire for anyone serious and would be willing to take a blood test as well.

Preliminarily I should note that we have battled with Thrush, the bags are marked accordingly. That may be an issue for younger babies with the potential for latch problems (due to discomfort if the baby were to get Thrush). I don't think it would be an issue for anyone doing home pasteurization. Also, I drank 2 cups of Mother's Milk Tea a day for a couple of weeks, I did not mark those bags.

I am not on any medication and I have only taken a Tylenol two or three times over the past year or so.

Aside from the usual sleep deprivation I am healthy. My diet has been unrestricted. I have about one cup of coffee a day during the work week, occasionally more, but I drink very little soda (caffeinated or otherwise).

Depending upon location I would be willing to drop the milk off or meet someone halfway. Reimbursement for bags and gas/mileage is open for discussion.

Please reply here or better yet PM me if you think my milk might meet your needs.
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