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Milo Atticus born on my Birthday!!

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Milo Atticus was born at 12:43 on April 8th, My Birthday!!! Yeah what a cool birthday present. I was wondering what I would do on my b-day.

He was born at the Birth and Womens Center in Topeka Kansas. It was a Beautiful experience. He was my second vbac and he hurt more coming out then my 10 pounder beleive it or not! I didnt even have a skid mark which suprised me since it felt like I was tearing up when pushing.I supported his head while I pushed so I new just how much to push and when and I also pulled him the rest of the way out after the shoulders and put him on my stomach.
Our midwife showed us the placenta and we all got to feel the cord. We hung out talking to our nurse which is a new friend now and a kindred spirit.
Milo weighed 6 pounds 10 oz and a little over 2 weeks early.
I could not have asked for a better experience. I had a c-sect with my first and a hospital vbac with the second and a birth center midwife attended with Milo. Maybe a home birth next time! Although I liked the birthcenter so much that I wouldnt mind going back there. We did drive 2 hours to get there and we did get a hotel for a while to sleep and then sleep after the birth before driving home the next day but it was worth the trip and no driving through one of those scary midwestern thunderstorms, which i was so scared would happen!

Happy birthing to all of you still pregnant (I must say I am glad I am done!) and congrats to all of you april mamas so far.
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How WONDERFUL! *WELCOME MILO!* I so love all these babies' names! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
Congratulations Mama
: and welcome Milo

Milo Atticus is a great name
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Welcome Milo!!!

Congrats MAMA!!


Mom to 4 daughters and ? due end of April
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Congratulations & welcome to baby Milo!
Welcome Milo!
thanks ladies! its so nice to have a baby around again!
Hooray! Congratulations!!
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