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Minkee and Bamboo Cloth Pads

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Has anyone tried these cloth pads yet? I am soo close to buying some but I haven't heard much raves or reviews about them, so I am curious..........
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I've heard a lot of people really like Minkee. I have 2 minkee pads on the way. I think Bamboo is pretty new so I haven't heard any reviews on them yet although I know a few places are now starting to sell the bamboo pads. I haven't actually tried mama pads yet but have bought some to try. I have purchased a bunch of different materials to see what I like.
I know they are fairly new, especially the bamboo. Here are some links to take a peek at the pads. I only know a few so may be the other women will chime in to give more links. She carries Minkee at a fair price, I think. She carries the bamboo.

A lot of other cloth pad makers are just waiting for the bamboo fabric to arrive so they can start offering the pads.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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