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So I know sibling issues have been covered many times. I am curious what people do in the following type of situation.

I have an almost 4 yo, and a 12 mo. DD (almost 4) is actually really wonderful with DS. She uses what will be great skills in dealing with him. For example, she's playing with blocks, and he keeps trying to play with the ones she's playing with. She'll get him his own blocks, then make towers for him to play with, etc. Of course, the INSTANT she goes back to "her" blocks, he goes too. She's the coolest thing in the universe.
Understandably she gets very frustrated by this. In due time, they'll be able to work out compromises, but he's 12 months old.

Right now, I try and hold his attention on something else when she's involved in something that can be "destroyed". This is hard, as he's persistent, and knows when he's being distracted. I was wondering if anyone else had any clever ideas.

Obviously, we aren't desperate. Just looking for a better solution, ideas, etc.

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