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I've never posted on in the Texas I'm up here in the Pac NW. friend, Jenean, just had her first baby on Sunday. She was only 28 weeks pregnant. I'll post the update a little further is truly a miracle both mama and baby are alive. She's a naturally-minded mama; a massage therapist. Her hubby is in chiropractic school down there. Are their any Irving or Dallas mamas that feel compelled to help with resources, time or preemie gear, maybe just an encouraging card. If so...please email or PM me. Okay, here's their story...

Please pray for Jenean and Joe Rivers and their new
little baby girl, Cambria Mackenzie Rivers.

Cambria was born today, Sunday, June 19 when Jenean
was only 28 weeks pregnant.

Cambria weighs 2 lbs 7 oz. and is 14.25 inches long.
She is doing fine, but this next week is a critical
time for her.

Jenean had her appendix removed Friday evening at
midnight, after doctors discovered that it had been
burst for over 3 months. A cyst had formed over the
burst appendix, preventing the toxic fluid from entering her system.
It was an absess on the cyst that
burst last week. Jenean had not slept or eaten
anything for a full week as she had been throwing up
with fever. It was a rough way to go to enter into

Cambria is a real fighter, and doctors are amazed that
she is doing so well and that she was so big -- they
were expecting a baby just over one pound -- and
amazed that Jenean is alive.

Please keep them in your prayers and that Cambria
will have no problems and just thrive. Thank you!
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