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Misc FSOT- Mama Baby Odds & ends

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Make an offer!!! Nothing reasonable will be refused!!

Stuff for my Baby Girl to arrive sometime in July!
~ hanna girl clothes all sizes just try to approximate what a normal baby due in July would where for a given season
~hanna wiggle pants all sizes (baby girl due end of July)
~ any quality clothing & age appropriate for baby due end of July & will be living in Wisconsin.=) (please no stains or tears)
~Girly jack & lily, Robeez or Bobux shoes or soft stars - all sizes (except 6-12 unless you have some "soft boots") just need to be in great condition
~little girl hair stuff - all sorts as long as it's clean!

~playsilks - all sizes & colors
~natural baby / toddler toys - wooden foods/blocks/puzzles or animals (I would really love a set of wooden blocks! If anyone has a woodworking DH/SO) Puppets
~waldorf dolls
~little fabric dolls (like this )
~Disney DVD's - try me we are just starting to collect - VGC only please!
~ Welcome & Return to Pooh Corner Cd's - Kenny Loggins
~any childrens books- VGC
~haba wooden teething toys
~music CD's - burned are fine as long as they are labeled & I know which songs are on which!

BabyCare~books on making babyfood
~Burts Bees or Weleda Baby products
~slings/carriers (will consider all types - just ask! Would like to try out a few different styled ones. particular mei tei & different unpadded (or minimally padded) wraps/pouches, I'm also interested in a mesh/water sling/pouch - I think a medium in most would work!

~New or excellent condition Cloth diapering items sizes small & medium - prefolds (Indian, unbleached, or bleached) fitteds, covers(all types), pins, snappis, liners, doublers, wetbags
~Ecspecially ISO Small & Medium Very Baby & Daisy doodles but any will do!!
~Tea Tree oil

Stuff for Me
~WAHM soaps & bubble baths - (no patchouli please!)
~trendier nursing shirts in size M or a smaller sized large
~nursing necklace (cool but classy) (blues, pinks, softer greens, or fall colors)
~Burts Bees mama - I love everything including the make - up - the more soft natural tones though - no pinks or reds
~natural/soy candles (again - not patchouli)
~sour skittles or any other sour candy - the more sour the better!!
~Mothering subscription
~Cooking Light subsciption
~Compleat Mother subscription
~Mothers milk tea
~newer updated versions of any good book on breastfeeding
~born brand shoes size 7.5-8
~re-usable breastpads (prefer these to be unused) all fabrics
~ carribbean or latin type music
~cinnamon disks

~Harley Davidson stuff - We own a Road King so DH loves Harley Memorablia ~Dentyne Ice gum (no cinnamon please!)
~Chewy caramel candy

~books on raw or BARF diet for dogs/pets
~dog toys & plush squeaky toys

~nice kitchen towels - (cream, natural, cobalt blue, cranberry)
~counter top compost bin
~books on simple living

~GC to any WAHM - (mom & baby stuff), target, babies r us, j.jill, hanna anderson,, Ebay, Old Navy, Lands End, Gymboree, Barnes and Noble, Olive Garden, Home Depot, Pier 1, Pottery Barn
~easy recipes for natural dishes - wouldn't mind your favorites just printed out just be detailed - I am not a cook!!
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Its updated! Not much left _ I took 3 bags to goodwill!
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Make me an offer -
I'll do all the dresses for $18 ppd!! THey are EC!!!
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long gap dress - gone
nail set & OPk's pending trade

make an offer!!!!!
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