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pictures available where shown.

please be aware that any photos that were taken on our camera before it died really dont do the items justice.

NIP Heart shaped candle with heart shaped pieces embedded. pretty rose scented. NIP and a silvery looking candle holder. another view pic here

#2 NIP pooh scrapbook set

#3 NEW baby girls stuff in sizes up to 6 months, various brands. this counts as 2 swaps.

#4 and #5 mama clothes:
~beautiful "pendleton" 100% virgin wool gray suit- size 16 skirt and jacket.
~nice tan "cross country" suit- also a size 16. skirt and jacket.
~size xl (16/18) peasant style blouse. (faded glory brand- 100% cotton).
~size 18 blue jean skort. by "speed control"

#6 baby on the way
lot of clothes, all in gc

shower gel
candle and lotion

#8 baby toys (new)
assortment of rattles and toys etc.


#10 buncha bubbles (for the bath-New)
i can do a few of these, would like to make as much room as possible in our small home.
pick 2 of the following: (24 ounce size bottles) multiples are shown in parenthesis
~apple cranberry
~green apple (2)
~candy cane
~orange spice
~for sensitive skin

#11 shower gel, body spray, lotion set(NIP)

#12 sweaters

#13 black LEATHER skirt another pic here (excuse the wrinkles please

#14 bounty of books
(pick 6 from my FS list)

#15&16 new boxed fragrances
~clinique's "happy" 1.7 oz spray. i got it as a gift, and i can't wear fragrances right now due to some skin issues, so i need to get the temptation outta here. (($30+value)
~"rare emeralds" 1.7 oz spray from avon (nip)(reg price is $19.50)

#17&18 tops by "avenue" size 26/28
~NWT navy blue 3/4 length sleeve top. has crisscross detailing at the end of the sleeve. 07&photoID=229765566&security=gPnTrV
~ lime green- same as above. criss-cross detailing on sleeve

#18 &19- more plus-size mama clothes
~NWT black/white pink plaid top.
~from "avenue" gorgeous red dress &

#20 shiny whites for kids
~shrek 2 tube of toothpaste 4.2 oz size, "swamp green apple flavor"- 2 tubes.
~crest spinbrush- veggietales design 2 individual NIP toothbrushes these usually sell for 7.99 each.

#21 NWT men's jeans 40X32 carpenter style

#22 FISKARS applique set nip. pic of the exact set here

would be willing to split items up for individual sales.

15$ per single listed grouping, 30$ for doubles etc. does not include shipping.

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bump for the mama with the bellydancing videos.

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dont have a pic, but they are new with tags. 15$

my dh tried them on and he said they were too baggy for him to wear to work.

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no, sorry.

and i dont have any way to get a pic of them either.
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