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I read an article about this in a fluff magazine yesterday (*note to self - must bring own reading material when having hair cut*), and was fascinated by the idea. Here are two links:

BBC News - 2003 Miss Jumbo contest

CNN - 2001 Miss Jumbo contest

For anyone who can't access the stories, the Miss Jumbo contest is run in Thailand every year to raise money/awareness for the plight of the Thai elephant, which is seriously endangered. Larger women compete against each other for the title, and the winner kicks off her year promoting conservation of elephants by feeding fruit to the elephants within the preserve where the contest is held.

I guess I was interested in everyone's opinions since it hits two of my pet topics - conservation and society's push for everyone to be thin. These women, who are often mocked in their everyday lives, have a chance to give back to the world in such a way that their size is considered an asset rather than a hindrance.
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