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I was just diagnosed yesterday with PMDD- premenstrual dysphoric disorder and my celexa was doubled. This was based on a several months of unexplained crying and worsening depression just before my period. It seems to go away between my period and ovulation though.

I also had some cortizone shots in my belly on July 25th- to lessen my scars from my tummy tuck. My plastic surgeon said not to worry if my period changed because the shots could do that.

Also back in February, I had some strange spotting so my OB/GYN had me chart my periods. I've kept a record of spotting, bleeding and ovulation times, including days between cycles. It seems pretty regular between 28 and 30 days, except between March and April I totally skipped a period. Now, I figure I ovulated on August 3rd and I'm having lots of cramping but no AF. That in addition to the PMDD just Tuesday night (at least an episode of it). What are your thoughts? I have the Mirena IUD. I am totally crampy right now but not a sign of spot anywhere.
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