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Misses at the park!

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We're at a point now with very few misses (as in days and days without misses), and have been for about a month. The big exception: the park!!! I imagine she's too busy playing and climbing to tell me she needs to pee or even accept an offer for a pottytunity. Do you think I should just put something absorbent on her when we're at the park and let her get past this stage? Or keep with the underwear and pants and let her soak herself? That's what we did today, and it wasn't a big deal, just went to the car and changed. I even had a prefold handy to wipe up the pee, because I had been using it to dry off the slide. I'm leaning towards just putting training pants on, but wanted some ideas. We do underwear at home and out-and-about, and she stays dry and goes in her potty when she needs to. Unless we're at the park!

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Can you use a diaper cover over a training undie or cloth prefold? So she doesn't leak everywhere, but she'll still be awake of the miss and will be able to come and tell you right away (to change into another dry prefold).
DS was like this, no misses for months and then he'd get to a soft play area, or the playground and get so absorbed he'd completely miss his own body cues.

A bit embarassing sometimes, so I started putting a diaper on him for those outings. He got better with age, but even at nearly 5, he missed about a month ago at an indoor play area. I just always have a spare set of clothes for him in my bag.
So I had her wear training pants at the park today, and of course no miss! It was really warm today, I think that's part of it, she hardly peed today as it was!
I agree that training pants or a trim diaper would be a good idea in that instance. I try and make sure that ec does not interfere w/ dd's engrossment in something else, esp something she is finding v fun.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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