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Missing all of you/congratulations on births

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Just wanted to let you all know that I miss talking to you
. I don't have the time right now to get on and talk much. I miss the conversation alot. Maybe in the coming months I will get more breaks between nursing sessions.

I am sorry I haven't responded to many birth announcements,either. I intended to reply to every single one of them, and I am finding that I don't even get to brush my teeth every day! It meant alot to me when people responded to my announcement, so I feel bad about not being able to do the same for all of you. We have all been through something so special and sacred,and we all deserve alot of applause and praise and worship,and foot rubs,too!

So, congratulations to every one of you ladies! And a big welcome to all of your babies!
I hope they are all healthy and happy. and I hope to watch them grow over the years,even if its just over the computer screen...
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Aw, thanks! We miss you, too. We're thinking about you even though you're not around much -- I'm impressed that you're able to get online at all with two newborns to care for!
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