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Missing my kitty

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On Friday I had to put my 13 year old cat to sleep, and I am just really sad and missing her. She had cancer. She was my pillow buddy - she liked to sleep on my pillow next to my head. We used to joke that she had an on/off button. She would lay on my pillow and purr very loudly which would annoy my husband, so he would put his hand on her back and she would stop. Then a couple minutes later I'd touch her head and she'd start purring again! She was very much a diva, and I don't think she liked anyone in the world but me. I just really miss her.
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Sorry about your kitty. It's so sad to say goodbye to a pet, especially one that you've had for so long.

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I am so sorry about losing your kitty. I too had to put my beloved cat to sleep, he too had Cancer. He was only 7.
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We are experiencing a similar loss in our house. I lost my dog of 10 years to cancer last week. She was fabulous with my dd and truly a protector and companion to me all those years. It is hard to let a devoted pal go. But we are blessed with their memories and their funny little quirks and they can live on forever in our hearts.

Can you plant a memorial plant for her? That way you can remember her every time you see it. We are planning on planting a cherry tree for our Annie dog. It will bloom at the time of year she passed - thus reminding us of her in a blaze of blossom.

Hugs to you!
Thanks for all your kind thoughts. My computer keyboard wigged out on me and I couldn't answer until today.
Oh, that's a tough experience. I'm so sorry. I was surprised at how hard I took the loss of my kitty. I still get weepy when I think about her...that was 2yrs ago when we lived in Colorado, by the way.

These creatures have a way of growing on our hearts and weaving their sweet personalities into our daily lives. It's hard to grieve that loss. Hugs to you.


I'm so sorry, Mama. We had to put my beloved cat to sleep last summer; she would have been sixteen this month. We think of her always, and miss her... but as time goes by we are realizing how many wonderful memories we have of our girl, and how lucky we were to have her. I wish there were more I could say, but know there's a lot of people here who understand.

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