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I would just keep doing what you are doing. It takes a little while for your little one to process what's being asked of them. I always kept his diaper/nappy coverless and made sure to make a noise every time mine went no matter whether he did it in his pot, sink or nappy. The key is consistancy.

Also with little boys if you keep him totally naked or bottomless you should find that his penis swells a little just before he pees and you can then catch more often. If you do this pretty vigulently for a few days you should find yourself seeing his pattern of elimination. For example at about 5 months we noticed that my son would always rub his eye just before he peed (believe it or not so does my husband). As he has grown older we just encouraged this sign and now take him every time he makes it. Also just be sure to remember to take him to his pot regularly. eg. once an hour, or every time you go take him with you and sit him on his pot at your feet. My son is now crawling to the pot and banging on it when I am in the bathroom indicating that he needs to go as well.

It takes a little time but you will get the hang of it. I am gratefull that I started doing this and now my nine month old son is in training pants and will only have an accident every day or two. Usually when I am too busy doing something else and not paying attention to his signs or else stupidly not trusting them eg him needing to go two or three times in an hour.

I found it far easier to realise when he was going to poo, I found he always made alot of grunting and pushing noise so we have missed only 3 or four poos since begining ec.

We also found that during teething he stoped signaling completly for about a week when we had to go back to naked time and constantly offering him his pot.

Anyway good luck with it all. I hope you get the hang of it soon.
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