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MM on ebay :)

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and purple no less!!!

oh, ETA this is NOT mine, LOL i just saw it this afternoon when parusing ebay.
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I saw that~very pretty
I'm tempted to bid but I'm on the WAGON~

There is another MM listed too but its not mine
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OOOO I am bidding...I need something purple for an outfit I have for her!

I saw that too, very nice! I would bid on it but although I would put purple on my DS, my DH would not be happy with it. If it were blue I'd be all over it!
I was going to bid but then my 2 MM came in the mail yesterday and much to my suprise, the med/large fit Becca great! I can not believe the price is still so low though. Wow
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I love that soaker! Its so cute! To bad its pruple and too small for ds. LOL Purple is my favorite color. Good luck to whoever is bidding! I would love to see pictuers!
whew!! Its too small for Maggie...LOL
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