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MN Family vacationing in Orlando....?s

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Hey all,

Me & hubby & our 2 kids (ages 6 & 4) are doing the Disney thing this year. We are coming down 4/18-4/26 and want to hear from you regarding tips on making this a successful and not-too-hard on the wallet vacation. We do have a breakfast with the characters booked & tickets to Universal Studios. Magic Kingdom is definitely on the list, but we haven't bought tickets yet. Figured the theme parks would be best to visit on a weekday. Seaworld sounds great too, but time (don't want to be too running around) & money is an issue. I think my husband is hoping for a craigslist hookup?

Basically, the giant rat and his friends are going to leave us with little life savings left. We're staying at a hotel in Kissimmee, not on the Disney props.

Mainly, I want to know about where's a good beach to drive to. We will have a rental car. Don't want to go too far, maybe an hour or so. Which side? Where's the water warm? We need toys to play with and food available. Clean, nice sand, etc. Whatever you look for in a beach. Figured you mamas would know.

Also, I'm a huge thrifter. Any recommendations for cool stores? Again, not too far out and if there's more grouped together to hit up all at once, even better.

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I'll be there a week before you, also wondering about the big wdw.

I'm also interested in "natural" stores- baby things or things for grownups!
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