Welcome to the New Mobile Site!

What you see on the Mobile site today is the beginning of our long-term strategy to bring an excellent interactive experience to all users regardless of their chosen device. We're focused on making your mobile experience fast and light, and enabling you to stay connected to the community on the go. Remember you can click on any of the image to see a larger version.

First Look: The Homepage

When you first sign in, here's what you'll see on the homepage.

  • Alerts notify you when you have new private messages, or when your subscribed threads have new posts.

  • Featured Content brings you the homepage content that's mobile-friendly.

  • Navigation below lets you jump straight to the good stuff you care about most.

The Navigation Menu

If you need to find something or go somewhere, the navigation menu is the place to start. Tap the button at top-left.

The navigation menu gives you easy access to all areas of the Mobile site.

The Forums

Here's what you'll see when you drill down to a specific subforum:

This page also makes it easy to see which threads you're subscribed to, and which have new posts. Here's how:

The Actions Menu

If you find yourself looking for the button to do something, it's probably in the actions menu.

The actions inside the Action Menu change based on where you are. If you are in a thread, you'll see things like "Search this Thread." But if you're reading a PM, you'll see "Move to Folder" and other relevant actions for that location. The Actions Menu houses a lot of functionality so explore what's in it as you explore the Mobile site.

Thread Pages

Of course, the heart of the site is in discussion threads. Here's a quick anatomy of what you see on a Mobile thread page.

More Tips

Coming Soon:

Right now the Mobile site supports Forums, Classifieds, and PMs. Of course, there's much more than that on the main Desktop version of the site. We'll be building things out over time to make the Mobile site more and more usable. What you see now is a starting point, not a final product.

Here are a few notable things that are not yet supported:

  1. Reviews

  2. Image Galleries

  3. Lists

  4. Who's Online

  5. Classified creation

We know how important each of these features is to the community and your daily routine. Stay tuned as we continue building out Mobile, but also keep in mind that our top priority is keeping your Mobile experience light and fast. Some Desktop features will probably never make it into Mobile.

Supported Browsers

There's a huge variety of mobile devices out there, and some are more capable than others. This list represents the ones that we see hitting the site in significant numbers, but is of course not comprehensive. As with the main Desktop site, there are some older & less capable devices/browsers which may not work too great. We try to keep the site bug free for everyone, but we do have to pick our battles somewhat. Here's what we have set out to be compatible with, at various levels of support.

See: Finding your phone's software version

First Class Support

We strive proactively to offer a fully-featured and bug-free experience for these majority-share browsers.

  • iOS5 and iOS6: Mobile Safari

  • Android 4.0 and 4.1: Android Browser, Google Chrome

  • Mac OSX and Windows: Google Chrome for Desktop Computers (current version: 22 as of this publication)

Second Class Support

We strive for zero bugs, but we may offer slightly degraded user experiences due to these browsers' technological limitations.

  • iOS4: Mobile Safari (this browser lacks many of the capabilities we rely on for the full feature set)

  • Android 2.3: Android Browser (this browser is highly idiosyncratic and we have made some compromises to accommodate it)

Best Effort Support

We will do our best to fix any major bugs with these browsers, but until they represent a larger share of traffic, we will discipline our time investment in them.

  • Below Android 2.3: Android Browser

  • Windows Phone 7: IE

  • iOS: Google Chrome

  • iOS and Android: Firefox

  • iOS and Android: Opera Mini (this one is a slightly special case - due to its mandatory proxy usage, we have not yet been able to test it at all on our internal QA servers - we'll eventually take a look at it post launch).

No Expressed Support

These browsers might work just fine, but we make no commitment to them.

  • iOS 3: Mobile Safari

  • Blackberry OS Browsers

  • Other alternative smartphone browsers like Dolphin, Atomic, etc.

Have Fun!

We look forward to forging ahead into the exciting world of Mobile development with you. Please use the mobile feedback forum, located in the Mobile site footer, to send us your thoughts, any bugs you find, and your wishlist for the future.

Thank You!