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Moby & KKAFP Help

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I have a Moby that I got from the TP, when I look at the instructions on their site, I center the tag at my navel & the other edge of the material hangs down to my knees! On the site, the model's Moby barely covers her crotch, is mine stretched out or just a different type of Moby, perhaps an older style?

And my KKAFP, which the babe & I both adore, kills my back/shoulder/neck/jaw & I get a horrible headache if I wear it too long. It's a medium, which is supposed to be my size & I have it snapped on the middle row. I think it fits better if I wear it on the shoulder that it's snapped for, I thought it wasn't supposed to matter? I only wear Ds (3.5 wks) tummy to tummy.
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For the Moby, I don't center the tag actually at my navel; I pull it up so the whole width of the fabric covers my lower abdomen. I just use the tag to find the center of the wrap so I know where to start wrapping & tying.
do you have the moby folded in half width-wise? if not, that's probably the problem...

as for the pouch, that's a tough one. i always found my KKAFP to be the most comfortable or all of my slings/pouches. are you making sure the fabric is centered over the ball of your shoulder? do you have the seam in the middle of your chest? how low is the bottom of the pouch when your baby is in it? it should't be below your belly button/waist, if it is, you'll want to tighten it.

Originally Posted by clovergirl
do you have the moby folded in half width-wise? if not, that's probably the problem...
Yup - fold the material in half to make a pouch-like opening for the baby's bottom to go into.

As for the KKAFP, I'm not sure, perhaps the boy is so big you're more comfy with 2-shoulder carries? It might be throwing off your alignment leading to the back/jaw problems esp. since you see a chiro. regularly.
Hey Kristin! It's your friendly FNLP pal, Erin! Humph, did I miss that part about folding the Moby in half on their site?? That's a looooong piece of fabric to fold in half! Whadda pita.

Maybe my pouch is too low...I know it's going to stretch out too & I already have it on the middle row, I'll tighten it again & hope it doesn't stretch out too much. I'm pretty tall & my shoulders are not narrow, I can't believe I would wear a small - ya think?

You know what I want? A deep mei tai made out of a kkafp. Wish I could sew...
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