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Are there any moms who like to read with their little girls Cinderela fairy tale?

I have son (he fall in love with Gormiti and Minecraft:smile:), but also I have 7 years old niece and she likes Cinderela a lot, but she said me once that this book is old fashioned. And then I got the idea that was partially inspired by Disney’s “Enchanted” movie, where fairy tale took place in real modern world.

What if Cinderella will look like modern stylish girl who confronts with her step-mother in our real world… and she met an young scientist instead of prince… or maybe animal rights activist, not sure yet :wink:

I discuss the idea with my husband who is professional artist and he became excited about it. So I would like to share some pictures that we prepared with help of our friend. I will be happy to get any feedback from moms who have daughters


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