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I'm looking for some advice about taking in, or modifying shirts, to accommodate larger breasts after breastfeeding.

I've always had large breasts and after pregancy and breastfeeding for over two years, they are even larger (about 2 to 3 sizes larger).

The problem is the rest of my body is about the same size as it was pre-pregnancy (almost, anyway).

None of my shirts fit, even ones that aren't button down because they stretch too much and look terrible. Button downs? Forget it...they're never going to button on me again.

I've had to buy some very large shirts which fit in the bust area, but are very baggy, boxy, and not at all sized right for the rest of my frame.

Does anyone have any simple sewing tips to make them a bit more fitted in the areas other than the bust?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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