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Moldy bread and cheese--time to fess up

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Ok, so the whole loaf isn't moldy. I know once the mold spores get in the bag it's just a matter of time before the whole loaf goes.

However, I find myself picking through the bag to find the "clean" pieces for a sandwich. I hate wasting food. Have you ever accidentally eaten a molded piece of bread and didn't realize it until later? :LOL

How many of you have scraped the mold off a block of cheese so you wouldn't waste the good cheese underneath?

Confession time.
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I do that. I don't think it is a big deal.

Also, I think it is completely acceptable with cheese because the layer under any mold is just fine. I just slice off a slice with the mold on it and toss that and use the rest.
My motto is, "If it doubt, throw it out." Mold is a pretty big cause of doubt in my mind.

My MIL would eat it though. Maybe it's because she lives in India. She can't stand wasted food. I can't either, but more than wasted food, I can't stand a messed up bowel system. KWIM? Been there, done that.

We have a dog, so at least it goes into *someone's* mouth. It's not totally wasted. I would probably pick off the mold and feed the bread to the ducks, too.
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Funny you ask. I just ate moldy bread 2 days ago, I was eating and it tasted funny, I looked at it and :puke I can't belive it I ran to the bathroom.

Don't read below here if you have a weak stomach

diffrent note I eat apeice of meat with fly eggs on it:puke they were not moving but they were groos still, I didn't eat it I went to take bite- it was weird too because I eat ti for dinner then couple hours later went to eat teh rest and groossssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I always inspect my food carefully so I don't think I have yet. I'm allergic to some common mold. Mold on hard cheese is OK, though. I just cut it off and even I can eat it without problem. I sure eat expired eggs and milk.
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I alway toss moldy bread! Always, it's just good gross for me. I probably at some time have eaten a small amount of mold and didn't know it.

Cheese, totally depends on how much mold is on it. If it's just a little spot I'll cut it off, If it's bigger or more than one spot I'll toss it.
I don't like wasted food but even more than that, I don't like being sick.
I have a bit of a thing with mould.... I can't stand to be near it let alone eat food that has mould on it. I'm very fussy that way.
I freeze my bead and defrost each slice as needed to avoid mold altogether. cheese is never around long enough to get mold and I wouldn't eat it if it was. I did eat ham not too long ago that had mold
I didn't notice until after the fact and I tossed out the remaining chunk.
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I give moldy bread to the chickens, but hard cheeses with mold (that isn't supposed to be there) should be okay just to cut the moldy part off.
I'm pretty sure bread mold is harmless. I know cheese mold is.
Farmer Mama, I thought it was verboten to feed anything moldy to the chickens?

I recall reading somewhere, from some "official" food safety source, that it's perfectly safe to cut mold out of cheese with a 1" margin around it, and eat the rest of the cheese. Dunno about bread. My issue with it would be that ususlly by the time there's visble mold on one part, the whole loaf has that moldy taste/

Did you know that moldy-bread poultice is an old, old remedy for infected cuts?
Penicillin (sp) is refined from bread mold. Bread mold has natural anti-biotic properties. Cheese mold? The blue marbling in blue cheese is mold, y'all! It's a particular strain of mold that occurs organically in a region in France and many folks find it tasty, It is 100% harmless.

Disclaimer: unless you are allergic to mold, which most people aren't.
I pick or cut the mold off and eat the rest.
No mold eating here. I freeze bread as soon as it comes home and keep a few slices in the fridge for quick eating. I sniff it like crazy before I eat it. Not blue marbled cheese. Ick. I am very mold-phobic, penecillin or not.
Bread mold no (but we keep it in the fridge so we don't get mold) cheese mold I cut off and then eat what's left
We go through bread and cheese way to fast for it to ever mold! But, I would cut the mold off the cheese and toss the bread if it ever happened
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Originally Posted by girlndocs
Farmer Mama, I thought it was verboten to feed anything moldy to the chickens?
Well, I take out the moldy pieces for the compost but give the rest of the loaf to the hens because I don't want to eat it even though it looks okay. No sick chicken's yet. I think I would be more concerned about moldy grain, because the mold on bread should be okay for humans, although it doesn't taste good, but moldy grain can be scary.

Originally Posted by jenaniah
Bread mold no (but we keep it in the fridge so we don't get mold) cheese mold I cut off and then eat what's left
same here.

Originally Posted by farmer mama
I give moldy bread to the chickens, ..
Oh my, I read chickens as children and thought it strange that you would feed your poor kids moldy bread.

No, I wouldn't dream of eating moldy bread. If there's the slightest chance something's spoiled, out it goes! Unless my FIL is in the house, he'll eat anything not to let it go to waste, mold hovering in the vincity or not. *shudder*
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I would not eat the bread, but hard cheese with a little bit on it, Yes. But I always inspect everything I eat. I guess it is my little quirk!

sweetest lil babe
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