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Moldy wipes

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So I have just begun using cloth wipes, and have been putting them in the bin with the CDs. But lately, I have been smelling a moldy smell when I open the bin and it must be because of the water the wipes are in (mixture of water and Dr. Bronner's baby soap).
So my question is: Do you throw your wipes in with the diapers? If not, what do you do?
Is there something wrong with my wipes solution?
TIA, I really want to keep usng cloth wipes, I love it!
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I've always thrown my wipes in with the dipes. But I never used a wipe solution, just water right before using them so I can't help you there. You could experiment and try putting them in a separate container to see if it is the wipes themselves or just general summertime funk.
summertime funk...that's funny. Yes, I was thinking that trying a separate container would be an idea, but I am like creating this diaper changing AREA or room, almost. The last thing I need is another container over there, for real.
I have the pack and play set up as a changing station. All the diapers are in the bottom part, the covers hang over the sides, the snappis, wipes container and other misc. are in the compartments on the side, the diaper pail is on the right, and the diaper champ (for nighttime sposies, I can't break away from this habit, yet) on the left.

But I could get another container for the used wipes.
Or maybe do like you and wet the wipe when I use it (bring in the spraybottle, probably hanging off the compartments) and put the used wipes in the container they are in now.
Thanks for the idea, but I would still like to solve the mold problem, I think that is the simplest route.
add some tto and lav EO to your wipes solution. should keep funk away
just 1-3 drops of each should work fine

Originally Posted by AddysMama View Post
add some tto and lav EO to your wipes solution. should keep funk away
just 1-3 drops of each should work fine
Yup, and I also used distilled water.
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Thanks, y'all, but I think the moldy smell is on the CD bin, not the wipes container with the solution. I believe that because the wet wipes are going into the CD bin and they are in water, it is creating mold while they sit in there until wash day.
Every time I do a load of dipes, I put a few drops of EO in the bottom of the bin.
So, does anyone else have a problem with moldy wipes in the CD bin, and what do you do about it?
Do you use distilled water? Is your pail open or closed? A closed container is more conducive to mold growing. Could you leave an open container outside in the sun?
I do not use distilled water, that would probably help.
I will also try putting all the containers in the sun for a full clean-out session.
thanks for the suggestions.
oh, and the pail is closed. I have thought about leaving it open....a previous post I had read suggested it. That could help, also.

Does anyone throw their wet wipes in with the dirty dipes?
i throw my wet wipes in with the dipes .. and use distled water and microwave it with the wipes chunk .. i use london frogg royal heiny wash or honey chunks .. if i were you i would do as pp said , add 1-3 drops of tto/ lo and try distleed water
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I use washcloths, and wet them just before use. I do throw them in with the dipes. If you want to go with just water to wet wipes, I've heard that a peri bottle works really well to wet them--better than a spray bottle.

When ds was potty training, I continued to use the cloth wipes to clean him. It was just easier than tp or disposable wipes. So the only thing in my diaper pail was wipes. Well, apparently, I let them sit for TOO long the last time. They were seriously totally moldy. I washed them and most of them just disinetgrated!! It was crazy!

Good luck with your problem!

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