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Is that word right? I know that's what my SIL calls it.

It's bumps. Very contagious in children. They look like a zit/pimple, that doesn't go away. If you pick the "zit", they will spread. Inside the zit is usually a very hard round "ball". It takes up to a year to go away. Nothing will help it go away, they have to go away itself (from what SIL says).

Some of my nephews and nieces have them, or have had them. I have seen them on the legs, arms and neck areas. My children have been lucky not to get them since they were around their cousins so much before me moved. My DD though, has had 1 small spot on her face for some time. Looked like a small zit, but at the same time, it wasn't a zit. It was like a spot. Tonight it looked like it had a "hole" in the middle of it. I took a needle and very gently pried it off. DD is 9, she didn't cry. Out popped one of those small "balls." Immediately I remembered this molustrum stuff. I cleaned it good with peroxide. It bleed a little bit. I cleaned her whole face with peroxide.

Does anyone have anymore more information, or good tips that I may not know about, about this stuff?
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I think you're talking about molloscum. I didn't know it was contagious though. I just thought it was one of those things that some kids developed and some didn't. Sorry, no advice as I haven't had to deal with that before. Just seen pictures and seem to remember reading a bit about it in my pregnancy books.
Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection spread through direct contact. It will go away on it's own, eventually.
in kids with immune issues, like excema, it can get VERY bad (blocking eyes, etc). i heard several opinions & went with blistering agents at the derm, before it could spread any further. it killed them quickly & both my kids hated the damned 'bumps' enough to willingly sit & get blistered. (and it can take several years to go away, & is highly contagious. i didn't want to be the one whose kids gave it to an hiv patient & give them an additional hell to deal with.)
My daughter had this and is did take months to go away. Don't pick it - it will spread. I posted about this here 2 years ago and they did go way about 6 months after that post.

I dabed the spots 2-3 times a day with tea tree oil but what I think finally worked was thuja occidentials. They disovle under the tounge. It took months of her taking the thuja.

I would suggest that if she only has one spot, go to the derm now and get retin-A, or let them freeze the spot before they spead. The retin A did not work for us because she had so many bumps and she was too small for me to put her through freezing them. She started with one bump on her arm and over about 18 months she had probably 30 - some on her tummy, knee, face and arms.

AGAIN - Don't pick them! Good luck!
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