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Hello everyone,<br><br>
My husband and I are considering a move to the greater N Seattle area in the next year or so. (We haven't decided on N King or S Snohomish county yet..)<br><br>
After the birth of my baby, I found a great mom-focused mom & baby Pilates class near us in N NJ. I believe that without these classes, my ab separation would not be nearly healed and I wouldn't be in nearly as good post-partum shape.<br><br>
So, my question, is the anything like this in the greater Seattle area: A Pilates class that welcomes young babies to help restore mom's strength and core. Maybe even a class that welcomes older babies but still allows Mom to get a workout. I'm hoping to find something similar out West to help with maintance and recovery after #2. Google has turned up old news articles or dead ends, so I'm hoping someone here can help with my research.<br><br>
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