A California mother was about to go to the hospital to deliver but changed her mind as she attempted to get in her car. Instead, she decided she was giving birth right there in her front yard, and her Ring security camera caught it all!

According to a news story on KCRA 3, the pregnant mom just didn't have enough time to get to the hospital. Emily Johnson got as far as her car and decided she was going to give birth right then and there.

Her contractions began typically, about every 10 minutes or so for about three hours. They only lived five minutes from the hospital and she felt she had time. But when the contractions went to one minute in the matter of a 20-30 minute time span, she knew they had to get moving. And fast!

She got to the car and said, "No. I can't get into this car."

She said she decided just to let the spot right there on the grass be 'her spot' and her mom, Kristy Sparks arrived and immediately knew baby Thomas was on his way. She got on her hands and knees and saw the head.

Calling it surreal, she said she had a baby in her arms crying by the time the rescue crew walked up to her.

Emily said she took a nice deep breath as she laid back in the grass and thought, "I never want to do that again!"

The best part (aside from healthy mama and baby) was that her Ring camera caught it all. You can hear when Thomas was born and the birth pains Emily dealt with as he came.

She said she joked with the hospital workers that she felt like a cow giving birth in the field since she had grass clippings falling off her and nurses wiped dirt. That was the reality of giving birth in her front lawn, and a birth story not likely to be forgotten!

If you'd like to watch the Ring footage, you can do so by clicking here! [Courtesy of Emily Johnson]

Image: KCRA