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So my mom got to be a SAHM.

She seems to be trying to over compensate for that fact. '

Today she picked up DD from DCP to take her to my sister's swim meet. I went out of my office to loan my mom the camcorder. DD was in the car, so I talked to her and cooed at her in her car seat. Mom said that DCP said that Syd would likely just sleep, "so I won't be missing anything, anyway".... GRRRRRRRRRR

I am conflicted about working. I have to work, and love working, but would like to be a SAHM. However, when I was on bedrest, which I know is not a true comparision, I was BORED to tears and missed my coworkers and clients.

My mom has said other things like "It was good you went back to work 2 weeks after hainng Sydney (by c/s) because you never got used to having her full time." Syd was still in NICU at this point. Then "It's good you have to go back after a week, so she does not get used to you full time." After DD was in NICU for 6 weeks, and I got a week home full time with her, as I used most of my FMLA on bed rest.

Any ideas on what to say? I wish I was more comfortable with this, as I see me working for a long time, and I just might want to keep working. <gasp>

I do feel I'm doing a good job with DD. She is attached to DH and I, and she is wonderful.
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