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This is what my bf just asked his mom. She said "Well it was just what people did" He asked her if she knew her grandson (his brothers' babe) was intact. She said "Yes and he has already had one urinary tract infection because of it" At this point I intervined and said "well It is easier for girls to get urinary tract infections because our urethra is shorter" She says "True" and then I added that the fact the babe has had one urinary tract infection is not because his foreskin is intact, it is because his immune system is poor. He has repeadily had ear infections (he just got tubes
) and has had seizures and brain lesions. Then my bf adds probablly because he has received so many vaccines. He than told his mom that he is begining to be against vaccines and that he doesn't see circing his child because everyone else is doing it.

I have been working on him before we have kids to make sure we are on the same page. Nobody is going to remove valuable parts of my childrens anatomy or inject toxins into them.
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