MommySteps knows your feet may seem like strangers for the duration of your pregnancy.
MommySteps knows your feet may seem like strangers for the duration of your pregnancy, so they've designed the most amazing maternity insoles to help you out!

If there's one thing you can almost guarantee during pregnancy, it's that your feet will feel very different throughout it. We always say it - growing a person is work! And, it certainly does a number on your feet. Foot and leg pain are some of the most common issues women note during pregnancy, and a lot of that happens because of the pressure on your feet, knees and ankles.

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And don't get us started on what happens when your feet swell!

That's where MommySteps maternity insoles become your best friend! When you are plagued with pregnancy foot, knee and back pain, as well as not so fun little conditions like bunions and Plantar Fasciitis, these maternity insoles are magic for your feet.
MommySteps Maternity Insoles Are Magic For your Pregnant Feet

These insoles are customizable with moldable material! You put them in the oven and are able to mold them (with clear instructions included, of course!) to the needs of your foot. Best part? They're made for you to do that three times during pregnancy, as MommySteps knows that your body changes pretty consistently each trimester.

Relaxin is released during pregnancy to loosen hips and pelvis for birth, but guess what? Feet don't know they won't be birthing any babies, so the relaxin doesn't discriminate against those bones! The insoles can help you adjust as your foot profile adjusts, making the pain and discomfort to your aching feet not as obvious.

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MommySteps are available for casual and athletic shoe cuts as well as casual flats and dress shoes, so no matter what you wear, you can still have support during the months you need it most. Literally: these award-winning insoles are designed to support your entire self during pregnancy, so go check them out and let them start giving you relief.

Your feet will thank you!