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Moms coping w/illness weekly check thread

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*sigh* semi good week last week
starting off bad this week. I have been awake since 10 am Sunday and couldn't take any of my meds because I have a PFT test this afternoon. I also have another *^+(& stone forming and am in a tad of pain but can't take the stuff for it either. ARGGH

BUT the happy side is that being up all night I was up to watch the sunrise, make dh breakfast (boy did he freak lol) program the washing machine and feed the dogs. I also got my second letter to the ins board typed and printed off.
But word is being screwy with the big doc I made that MUST be printed asap GRR (&*(&& MS Word
And dh is ill but wasn't when he woke up. I think it is his new dosage of glucophage.
The sun is out but I am not sure I trust it. At 4:15 this morning they said throughout the day we would have more nasties ( storms) like we had last night....

i have the boys math laid out if I can just corral them .....
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Hmm, no one else checked in yet? Has a week passed already?

I'm having terrible insomnia, I guess we both can't sleep! How yucky. DD had to have a CT scan today and we haven't gotten the results yet, and the anxiety is really bringing on my insomnia, which makes my physical state worse, which causes more insomnia: a vicious cycle. My dizziness is so strong tonight, ugh. Sorry to whine!

Anyway, we're also getting ready to move, probably by this weekend, to DP's family's house in another state. We're SO not packed yet. Ha ha. I guess it'll get done somehow. I'm feeling like I can't devote my energies to packing/organizing until we know DD's o.k. (the scan was to rule out hydrocephalus)....

Our car's also broken down at the moment, so we're charging a rental car that we can't afford anytime in the near future. I hope I start feeling better soon so DP can work and we can actually maybe have a livable income. So much stress.
HUGS and more HUGS
living with ils is never easy
I hope you get the CT results soon
I got the results of my pft test and get this I had a swallow study on May 10 and I got the results YESTERDAY after the pft tests
I am going to challenge both diagnosis because I don't think I have either one especially since I don't have symptoms of either one!
I also cancelled the colonscopy that dr has to go LOL

I can relate about the finances when we first married and for a long time after we were pretty broke folks
Almost missed the thread, shouldn't someone let the old thread know... Should we lock that one and send folks this way?
do we just ask a mod to lock the old one??
I am here.. Still awake at 11.30.. Only one boy this week.. Ds3 who is 10 1/2 months and not allowed away from momma for extended periods of time..

We have DH cousin's wedding this week-end where I am a bridesmaid.. Should be interesting.. The bride called me today to tell me she has broken her knee

Good health to everyone..

Warm Squishy Feelings..

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what a way to start off your new life
will she get to use a wheelchair I wonder??

I see you are still sleep deprived

where are the other munchkins?
Hey, CL, thanks for the hugs!
I'm not sure I know what a PFT test is. Did you get the results from that one yet? I HATE waiting for results... OH, by the way, turns out dd is totally fine, just has an unusually large head for her age. YAY!!!! We were so relieved when we found out.

Dyan, have fun at this wedding. Poor bride, hope she's not in too much pain and has a sense of humor about being a bit of a "crip" in her wedding pictures!

Packing/cleaning is going very slow. It's funny how sometimes lots of stress really exacerbates my symptoms, and sometimes stress gives me lots of adrenaline to get through things I didn't think I'd have the energy for. Does anyone else experience this? Sometimes I can sort of ride above my symtoms and not feel really sh--ty til the event or stressful period is over and I'm relaxing a bit, then it hits really bad. Weird.
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